2023 guided by your own body: 

your true life coach !! 


the only one capable of deeply impacting

your physical, proffesional and material wellbeing!  

i mean…really!!

Emotional release 

& somatic coaching 

↡ ↡ ↡ Special offer at the bottom of the page!! ↡ ↡ 

Emotional release in a somatic coaching is the motor that keeps your life project 
in movement and in direct connexion with your deep desires. 

Yeaaass it did chance m.y. l.i.f.e !!


so I gave myself the mission to give you ALL the tools that really help me


so you too can connect daily with your personal power,
to YOUR wisdom, your unicity and your birthright: ABONDANCE

So to start this year together...

...I decided to give you the opportunity..

... to do this work now and with me

you'll see it's amaaazing!

“After each call with Élise, new artistic opportunities come to me, it’s quite incredible. Since we started the accompaniment, the less I am in action the more money I earn. I have to admit that it has quite revolutionized my relationship at work! As for the relationship to my body: having also been a dancer, I am guided by Élise towards depths that I did not know and which are quite fascinating. « 

🜃  Tania, Artist

“Thank you for what you allow me to release through your work. I feel so much better and lighter, and things are showing up, kinda crazy! » « It’s really incredible you are a magician. In short 100% success, but I had no doubt your work is really great »

🜃  Cassandra, Coach

“It’s absolutely amazing to experience how much the body can soften when you invite it to let itself go through without struggle. Thank you Élise it is such a precious gift that you offer me in this accompaniment »

🜃  Clara, Dancer

« I had a crazy experience with Elise: I have a herniated disc, at the beginning of the support we dove into it, I’ve never experienced such a thing, Elise is an alchemist: for 2 months now I don’t I have no more pain. »

🜃  Natalie, webdesigner


“I am so grateful to you for this work that you do: I feel, for the first time in my life, legitimate to feel what is happening in me. Gratitude for this coaching, all your learnings and my throat which makes me feel even more loved by speaking my truth »

🜃  Valérie, Singer

find below the VERY SPECIAL offers valid until the 23.01.2023 only!

package 1


it now became tradition: 3 times yearly I offer the possibility to book

⪢ 1 single somatic coaching

(a 1-1 live call, 1h30)

to test this work and already make huge steps towards a life entirely guided by your own body:

222 €

package 2


to celebrate a little deeper together

⪢ 5 sessions for 111€/coaching



package 3


OK....those are the prices from by very beguinning as a somatic practitioner

one thing is sure: those won't come back! so enjoooy

⪢ 8 sessions: 88€/coaching



⪢aaand...yes you can only buy them until the 23.01.2023 BUT:

you have until the 30.05.23 (yuhu my mariage anniversary!!) to use them !

⪢ If you are currently working longterm with me, you'll have 5 month after the end of our coaching to use them!!! yes yes, your rythme first!!

⪢ If you buy 2 packages you will have until the 21.08.23 (yeeey my birthay!) to use them. If you buy 3 or 4, you'll have until the end of 2023!!