Your greatest power

doesn’t come from the fact that you are unstoppable since you have found your life mission

it doesn’t come either from all the suffering, burnout or hypersensitivity you have been going through.

You greatest power is

your ability to navigate, hear out and free up your inner world

your body’s, your emotions’s and your energy’s

because you already know it: your inner world shapes your outer world

and NOTHING – not even money
nor NOBODY – not even your own body
can « stop » you, nor « allow » you 
to experience anything

only your own subconscious can

ok.. but concretely what does it mean?? what do I have to do?

Because when you try to listen to your body, ⤐ not only does nothing change, but it also feels like you own body speaks Martian to you!

⫸ navigate the body’s labyrinths, and its emotional abysses,

⫸ déciffer their langage and their consequences on your material world,

⫸ alchemize them, in order to open doors where ever you feel stuck in front of walls.

all of this is my expertise and I teach you how to make it yours as well!

 you’ll see, it gets to be so much faster and easier than you can imagine!

Somatic Coaching 1-1

our magical path together:


3 month together

⪢ 3 somatic sessions together/ month via video call

⪢ Support via messages and voice messages between the sessions as much or as little as you desire

What we concretely do together:

🜃 By watching and listening to you I naturally feel what is happening in your inner world, this is my genius zone.

🜃 Through voice, your physical sensations, your consciousness, through the movement and the quality of your presence, my fine intuition knows how to guide you in order to free yourself from what keeps you into a narrow version of yourself.

🜃 I don't do any energy work on you, I teach you to regain your own power by yourself via somatic practices. Independency is very important in my work.

🜃 my coaching are deep, require a good dose of courage and generate -especially for sensitive people- crazy inner sensations and amazing external results.

the investment:

2222 € TTC

(via a 15min video call – I like to see and feel if we are a fit before getting started in such a deep journey together)

If you want to make sure this is the right work for you:


book a unique discovery session

⪢ 1 to 1,5 hour of deep dive into your inner world via your body.
to bring into consciousness and liberate what needs to be seen today in your life - Via Zoom (video call)

(let us then celebrate and fix our appointment via email)

Need more infos before taking your next big leap?

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