you do not create what you want

you create
what you emBODY


You are an artist or a service provider and despite all the inner work you have done you still feel like you are unconsciously slowing down the growth of your business?

and you are here because you know that what you have to create and to receive is way bigger than your internalised fears, your resistances or even your physical symptoms?

You are in the right place!

Here is where you get to transform

≜ overthinking, despair and exhaustion


◮ finding the most valuable guidance within your own body = giving a huge breack to your brain all while developing more wellbeing, more clarity and running your business with more ease and pleasure !

Welcome to the depth of your body,
I am élise !


⤐ somatic practitioner
& emotional release expert

 I help entrepreneurs reconect with their life force energy, their joy and their illimited creation potential that already existe within their own body

with me you will 

⤗  liberate unconscious patterns through the fascinating listening and understanding of your own body’s sensations!

in order to 

naturally elevate your business (without forcing anything)

⤗ deeply nurtur your body’s needs

⤗ all while continuing to create what your heart most desires 

What my clients are saying:
(english testimonials coming soon)

« To rise higher, you have to start by going deeper. »

Djondo Jean Medard

↡  how to work with me  ↡

Somatic Coaching

Work with me individually, exploring your own depth in ways you probably have never done it before. Intensiv 2 month support.

Move at your own pace

⪢ live and recorded workshops


If you are in south of France

and you wish to work with me in person